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PRODUCTS | 【Fermentation Service - 500L~5000L】 High-yield Protein Expression

Protein is the basic substance of life and the basic organic matter that constitutes cells.
With the in-depth research on proteomics and biopharmaceuticals, there is an increasing
demand for large-scale preparation and production of proteins. AlpalifeBio has mature
recombinant protein expression technology and protein purification Technology, AlpalifeBio 
currently has various fermentation equipment and bioreactors, which can meet customers'
scientific research and production needs for different fermentation volumes and different
expression systems.

Fermentation service advantages

1. Supported by mature recombiant protein expression technology

AlpalifeBio has been committed to producing recombinant proteins for many years and
has rich experience in protein expression. Currently, our mature expression systems
include prokaryotic-E. coli expression system, yeast expression system, baculovirus-insect
cell expression system, and mammalian cell expression system.

2. One-stop complete experimental capabilities
We provide one-stop service from gene optimization synthesis, small-scale expression
to fermentation condition optimization and subsequent purification.

3. We have small, medium and large size fermentiation tanks

From 500L to 5000L, we can meet your various volume needs.

4. Fermentation production of various experimental projects
Our fermentation tanks help you achieve: gram-level proteins produced from E. coli or yeast.

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